Surgery Info



A member of our staff will call before your scheduled surgery to discuss any questions and to confirm your appointment. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, and be sure to let the staff know of any special needs. If you have not heard from a member of our staff by 3:00 PM on the day prior to your surgery, please call us at 540-639-5888. Call on Friday for Monday surgery. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight. You may take medications as directed with a sip of water on the morning of surgery. Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before your surgery. Do not smoke 24 hours prior to your surgery. Call your surgeon before you come to the Surgery Center if you develop a cold, fever or respiratory problem prior to your surgery. For women, if there is any possibility that you are pregnant, please notify your surgeon. For your safety, you must arrange for someone to drive you home, and someone to be with you for 24 hours post-surgery. That person may wait at the Center or return during your final stage of recovery. We will review discharge instructions with you and that person prior to your discharge. For children 17 and under, a parent must remain in the building at all times.



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Bathe or shower the morning of your surgery to minimize the chance of infection. Wear loose, casual clothing, low-heeled shoes, and cotton underclothing – no nylon. Tight fitting pants are particularly uncomfortable after certain surgeries. The time given on the phone is your arrival time. This will provide time for all necessary admission procedures. Leave valuables at home, including your wallet and jewelry. If your child is having surgery, feel free to bring a favorite stuffed animal or security blanket for added reassurance. A parent must remain in the building at all times. Do not smoke immediately before or after receiving anesthesia. Smoking may interfere with anesthesia, and frequently produces nausea during the recovery period. Things you will need to bring with you: Insurance Cards Self-pay payments, insurance co-pay, co-insurance and/or deductible payment Photo ID Current medications PARENTS: Please bring child’s social security number If signing for a patient as P.O.A. or guardian, you must bring copies of legal papers.





After your surgery you will be moved to our recovery room and monitored by our anesthesia and nursing staff until you are ready to go home. Although the time varies, most patients are discharged one to three hours after surgery. AT HOME AFTER SURGERY Staff will provide post-operative instructions regarding diet, rest, and medications. In the event of any difficulty, call your surgeon or the answering service. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or drive for 24 hours after receiving general anesthesia or pain medication. Plan to have someone at home with you for 24 hours. POST-OP PHONE CALL One of our nurses will call you the following business day after your procedure to check on you and answer any questions you may have. Please write your questions down so that when she calls, you will remember all you wanted to ask.